3D OnSite is a 3D printing service bureau at your disposal, where all the production step are managed internally. Our web platform has benn properly developed to mantain full control of the product inside the company, safeguarding the confidentiality of your projects

Materials and technologies

3D OnSite proposed the most advanced technologies in 3D printing , not only for plaastic but above all for metal material, that untill now were not very accessible.

File Check

Every 3D file that we receive is checked by our experts, who will see the printability of the component. In case of request for clarification, you will be promptly contacted; if the file is OK we’ll procede printing it and, only when succesfully finished, we’ll charge you the cost agreed on the order placement.

Professional advice

With 3D OnSite you will get a professional advice, that allows choosing the best material for your needs, the best design for your parts and any clarification for your doubts

Operational Support

We’re at your disposal to assist you in all phases of the printing process and keep you updated on your projects step by step.

Certified Quality

We track the printing procees in every step, with quality controls that allows us to mantain and guarantee a good end product; we manually check every 3D file, the process parameters and we make sure that the end product complies with the sent file.Finally we procede with the product shipment to you.

Secure Payments

We use PayPal for payments, the most safe and secure way on e-commerce; but if you prefer it, you can pay by bank transfer. Moreover, we charge the due amount only when the printing process is done, just before the shipment. All checks must give positive feedback to protect you as muche as possible during the purchase

Print Speed

Thanks to our organization we are able to provide extremely short printing times both for plastic and metal; we’re the only one sto offer top level performance. The shipping time depends on the material and dimension of your part. For plastic we can ensure that your component will leave our facility in 4 working days (5 days if the length is more then 150 mm). For metal we take 4 working days plus the real printing time. The online quotation software will tell you the extimated shipping time.


We use the best couriers for national and international shipment. Shipment in Italy are always free of charge, we ask you a fair contribution only to cover the international courier expenses (depending on the destination country).