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The relantionship of the Company 3D On Site S.r.l. (hereinafter "The Company") towards its Customers (hereinafter "The Customer") are governed by the general conditions of sale defined below. These are aimed at professional 3D CAD designers using software tools and apply to all the sales and services made starting from our main website: as well as those received through other channels (e-mail, post, telephone).

1. Purchase Order

Each order implies the express and unreserved acceptance by the customer of these general conditions of sale and implies the renunciation of the application of its possible General Purchase Conditions. Orders are mainly sent through our internet platform A receipt that confirms acceptance of the customer's order is automatically sent by e-mail. Orders are processed up to 5pm on each working day, after this time they are considered received the next day. The Company undertakes to maintain access to its websites 24 hours a day, however, it cannot be held responsible for the interruption of the service, in particular for reasons of maintenance or technical problems. The customer declares to know the technical limitations related to internet technologies, in particular as regards the consultation of information, the transfer of files and the risks associated with this technology. The cancellation of the order can take place only after acceptance by the Company and in this case it will be confirmed in writing in the form of an e-mail or it will appear in the "orders" section of our platform .

2. Price

The selling prices are those visible after the 3D file upload. The prices are invoiced on the basis of the rates in force the day of the order, are to be understood as excluding VAT, in euros, ex works. For certain customer requests, the Company is led to establish a customized quote. In this case, the validity of the offer is limited to one week.

3. Terms of Payment

We accept payments by PayPal and Bank transfer.

4. Billing

After payment, an invoice is issued and it will accompany the goods. Invoices are available in the "management" section on our platform Note: invoices are not sent by post but are sent by email from the platform

5. Delivery Time

The shipment will be made to the address indicated by the customer after the order acceptance and will be considered as made when the order arrives at the aforementioned address. Delivery times are provided only for information and without guarantee. Any delay in the execution of orders will not be a reason for canceling the latter, refusing the products or requesting damages or interest. The indicative delivery times are visible on the platform and may be subject to review if the customer's files were to be updated or if the latter did not comply and were to be sent back to the Company. Production will start only when the customer has fulfilled his obligations towards the seller and at the same time there must be no delays in payments relating to other orders in addition to what must be delivered. The products travel at the risk and peril of the recipient who is responsible for checking the good condition at the time of delivery. This verification must be carried out on the quality, quantities and references of the products, everything must comply with what has been ordered. Transport delivery times are never guaranteed. Any delay due both to the customer's failure to send the documents and to the occurrence of force majeure cases, will rightly enter into the application of the extra time.

6. Force Majeure

The occurrence of a case of force majeure of any nature, which may delay, prevent or make the execution of the sale economically exorbitant has the effect of suspending the contractual obligations of the Company 3D On Site S.r.l. Any event of any nature that reasonably escapes the control of one or the other part, such as, purely by way of example, a fire, stock raw material breakdown, electrical blackout or machinery breakdown constitutes a case of force majeure thus it is impossible to produce the assigned work on schedule, strike or block due to union activity, interruption of means of transport whatever the cause may be, legal or regulatory provisions affecting the production or delivery of the products. If the event continues for more than three months, the 3D On Site S.r.l. reserves the right, after this period of time, to terminate the contract without acknowledging any indemnity.

7. Complaints

Damages, missing products, packaging defects found upon receipt of the parcels must strictly be reported on the transport receipt after carrying out a thorough check at the time of delivery; you must also send a registered letter with return receipt to the carrier's address, within 48 hours at the latest, by making a copy of the Company 3D On Site S.r.l. In no case can the dispute with the carrier be a reason for non-payment of the invoiced material. Any dispute relating to the quality of the goods cannot be accepted after 3 working days following the date of actual receipt of the goods or from the date of signature of the unloading of the material made to the carrier. The dispute must be sent by registered letter to the registered office of the 3D On Site Srl company. In the event of defective delivery, our company guarantees only the exchange of goods for products that do not comply with the detail of the order with the express exclusion of all damages for consideration suffered directly or indirectly, and in particular due to the occurrence of a force majeure situation, a fortuitous event or in the event of an event that would make it impossible for our company to carry out its obligations. Taking into account the practices allowed in our profession and the technical constraints related to our productions, our Company is not required to ensure the delivery of the exact quantity foreseen at the time of the order. The customer is required to accept a tolerance in more or less than 5% of the expected quantities. The platform for online dispute resolution is accessible at the link

8. Legal Clauses

Failure to pay in full on the initial maturity, and also on the extension of the maturity expressly authorized by the Company, will automatically determine the obligation for the client to pay the interest calculated at the rate of the European Central Bank (ECB) corresponding to the refinancing rate (4.25 % as of August 28, 2008) increased by 7 points, or 11.25%, all this starting from the delivery date without prior notice being required. The Company will be authorized to request the settlement of the order in its entirety in addition to extinguishing the credit. In the event that the recovery must be carried out through legal channels and regardless of the right for the Company to terminate the contract in the event that the customer does not fulfill all its obligations, an indemnity of 10% will be due in addition to the total invoice of the sum due in addition to the real costs caused if higher, all this added to the interest for the delay.

9. 3D File: technical limits

It is assumed that each customer is the owner of the reproduction rights of the drawings, documents, images, logos, fonts, which benefit from the intellectual property laws, of which he gives the production to the Company. He assumes full responsibility for the prejudices that could be invoked by a third party. The 3D files necessary to manufacture the printed product must be provided by the customer. They must strictly comply with our guide. It is expressly agreed that the customer is a three-dimensional design professional, capable of understanding and applying the directives provided in the technical guide. Our prints, being mostly made in production lots (that is to say grouped with works by other customers), ensure that the customer accepts the technical constraints related to this type of printing without reservation: tolerance of about 1/10 mm slight color variations in case of reprint, even starting from the same files, the color rendering can never be 100% identical It is also established that the Company has no responsibility for measurement errors, quotas, units of measurement, conversions of formed in the event that these errors are present on the customer's files. The Customer also acknowledges to be informed that the three-dimensional design programs never guarantee a 100% yield of the file that appears on the screen and may cause, in the case of subsequent treatments, results other than being displayed on the screen or printed on a office printer. 3D On Site S.r.l. reserves the right to make certain changes which it deems essential on the files provided by the customer and which are not compliant according to the technical guide. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to refuse any order in the event that the files do not comply with the technical guide. For all these reasons the Company cannot in any way be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the technical constraints. The Company never chenge files that need an author's correction. In this case the customer agrees to provide a new file.

11. Freedom disclosures

The customer can access the information concerning him at any time, request their correction or to be deleted from our database.

12. Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute concerning the execution of a job or the interpretation of these general conditions of sale, the jurisdiction is left to the Court of Reggio Emilia as the only competent court. Our offers are subject to change without notice. Certain products may be subject to slight technical modifications based on production constraints. Likewise, for similar reasons, we may be forced to temporarily suspend some offers. All information can be consulted directly online on www.3donsite.