About 3D Onsite

3D OnSite is a professional and fast service bureau at the cutting edge of technologies. On our site you will find the best market 3D printing technologies, the most performing plastic materials and also 4 metal materials combined with a consulting service at your complete disposal. We are a dedicated team of people with decades of experience in additive manufacturing who have combined their technical, commercial and marketing backgrounds to build a service that can make professional 3D printing accessible to everyone, confortably from home. 3D OnSite is not a business hub or a customer/supplier connection site, but it’s a real 3D printing production service that you can rely on!

  • Are you a 3D printing passioned that can’t afford a real printer?
  • Are you an experience user, but you don’t have access to all the printing technologies?
  • Are you a designer who want to give life to his creations?
  • Are you a small service bureau that want to supply its own customer with more materials and technologies not in its possessions?
  • Are you a company that need production support?
3D OnSite is the service for you!